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Company Profile

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  Jiangsu Suri PowerTools Co.,Ltd. is located in the village-town in Jiangsu Haimen East stover.
  As capacity expansion needs,the company expanded plant in 2002,specializing in the production machine,aluminum parts,plastic parts,the stator,gear,after years of efforts to develop its products quickly occupied the urban and rural markets,some products are sold in Southeast Asia,by foreign users.Enterprises through the ISO9002 quality management system certification.
  In order to break the principle of improved technology,the company further improve product equipment and instrumentation,so the introduction of foreign advanced equipment,the recruitment of senior professional engineers for the company into the source of power.Break the bottleneck in many old technology,production and more sophisticated,high accuracy,and its products are widely used in mining,shipbuilding ,foundry industry,construction,decoration and automotive repair industries.
  Soviet Union and Japan have less noise power tools,power and other characteristics;with professional power tool technology development and manufacturing capabilities,procuct safety and is better than the same industry,formed a tight system of production,sales and service network.
  Main products are hammer,rotary hammer,angle grinder,hand drill,impact drill,electric grinder,polishing machine,electric circular saw and other power equipment products.The main products have passed the national CCC certification.
  Soviet-Japanese products adhering to the "quality first,customer first" business purpose,warmly welcome domestic and foreign merchants to visit our company to negotiate business,to carry out extensive cooperation for a better future!  
Company Profile

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